Laser surgery for Hemorrhoids – what is the recovery time? How long after a laser surgery for hemorrhoids and fissure before I can get back to normal day-to-day activities without too much discomfort?

SerbY G replied: "Are you shure that you dont have Hidradenitis Supprativa??
ITs a reoccuring boil like condition."

Is laser surgery the best option for hemorrhoids? You understand my embarrassing situation… so I wont speak much.

I need to take a sitz bath after every bowl movement, in order to continue with my day. Even after this, there is pain for at least several hours.

I have tried home remedies with little success.

Please help, this is a severe issue, and I possibly have acquired this from chronic diarrhoea due to IBD.

Thank you very much. I will now bury my head in a pile of sand. (no pun intended!)

Boopster replied: "sounds like you’re in need of more than home remedies my friend!"

Elainar replied: "hmmm! Insufficient liquid can cause a hard stool, or even chronic constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoidal radiation. An excess of lactic acid in the stool, a product of excessive consumption of dairy products, such as yogurt, can cause radiation; reducing such consumption can bring relief. Vitamin E deficiency is also a common cause. Eating spicy food does not cause hemorrhoids, though spicy foods may aggravate the condition. the best thing to do is visit your doctor. but regarding hemorrhoids you can try some alternatives first before using some uncomfortable and embarrasing suggestions. I tried venapro before and has positve comment with it. after a coupleof days hemorrhoids is completely gone and never experince the same infection again. visit this place to about more about it. you might some usefull tips and information there. bye"

Lily replied: "It sounds as though your hemorrhoids are pretty bad. I’m assuming that you’ve already tried adding fiber to your diet, moving more throughout the day and so forth.

If you’re in that much pain, you really need to see a doctor. There are some prescription medications that you might be able to try before going straight to surgery, such as vasodilators (they shrink blood vessels) and so forth.

If surgery is your best option and you’re suffering from internal hemorrhoids, there are a few different options including chemical coagulation, infrared coagulation and latex banding. If you’ve got external hemorrhoids and you need surgery, your only real option is hemorrhoidectomy.

If you need a full hemorrhoidectomy, there really isn’t any difference shown between laser and traditional scalpel surgery. In that case, the best option is the one your local surgeon is most familiar with. If he or she is trained with scalpel, then don’t ask to use lasers and vice versa.

Best of luck with it!"

YiPiYaYa replied: "Hi, surgery for hemorrhoids is a very effective way to remove the hemorrhoids as you can remove it and know that they will not come back. While this is a great benefit of the surgery, you may be wondering what you can expect after hemorrhoid surry.

You may be wondering what the post-operative pain will be like.This is a worry of many people and you will find that the answer really depends on the type of hemorrhoid surgery that your doctor performs. If your doctor elects to perform laser removal of the hemorrhoids you will have little to no pain afterward, in fact you will be able to go back to work the same day, if you would like."

facebook replied: "there are quite a few surgical options for patients suffering from hemorrhoids.
The more popular among them are Hemorrhoidectomy and PPH.
Laser Treatment – A laser beam is directed at the hemorrhoidal tissue to burn it away.
Risks in Surgical Options-
Even though hemorrhoid surgery is considered to be safe, there are bound to be some risks. In this procedure, some of the risks involved are bleeding, infection and reaction to anesthesia the anesthesia administered during the procedure.
Moreover, patients might be incapable of urinating properly."

what surgical/laser options are available for hemorrhoid surgery? I’m contemplating having this done, not for any particular reason other than it appeared during pregnancy 25 yrs ago and never went away.

reifguy replied: "Most hemorrhoids can be treated with simple changes to diet and bowel habits. Most do not require surgery or other treatment unless the hemorrhoids are very large and painful.

The goal of nonsurgical procedures used to treat hemorrhoids, called fixative procedures, is to reduce the blood supply to the hemorrhoid so it shrinks or goes away. The scar tissue left in its place helps support the anal tissue and helps prevent more hemorrhoids from developing.

Fixative procedures include tying off the hemorrhoids with a rubber band (rubber band ligation) or injecting chemicals to shrink the tissue (injection sclerotherapy). One other fixative procedure uses heat, laser, or electric current to create scar tissue (coagulation therapy).

Surgical removal of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy) can be used for large internal hemorrhoids, when several small hemorrhoids are present, or when other treatments have not controlled bleeding. Sometimes a combination of treatments (for example, a fixative procedure and a hemorrhoidectomy) is the most effective way to treat hemorrhoids.

Fixative procedures are usually tried before surgery if hemorrhoids are small and stick out of the anus during a bowel movement but return to their normal position afterward (second-degree hemorrhoid).
Hemorrhoidectomy may provide better long-term results than fixative procedures. However, surgery is more expensive, requires longer recovery times, is usually more painful, and has a greater risk of complications."

I have external hemorrhoids but there is no more pain? I’ve had them for several years. I’ve changed my diet and now they don’t hurt at all, but I still have external hemorrhoids and it’s embarrassing, especially when my boyfriend wants to have sex. I want to get rid of them, but I don’t have a lot of money. I was wondering if there were any medication to get rid of it, perhaps Venapro? Any suggestions, other than laser, surgery or banding?

AKA_SH N replied: "Yes, Venapro appears to be a very worthwhile hemorrhoids treatment that really does appear to work.
This hemorrhoids treatment contains quality herbal extracts can help to bring quick relief to the inflammation, soreness and pain of hemorrhoids, alleviate the pain of bowel motions and alleviate the remaining hemorrhoid symptoms, such as itchiness, bleeding, swelling, and burning.

For picture and more information you can go to this hemorrhoids education site"

Is there a good way to get rid of hair around your anus? I’ve tried shaving it (hemorrhoids…It bleeds), NADs (it hurts), NAIR for men (it burns!), and I’m all out of answers. LASER surgery is too expensive!

Linh replied: "get a Brazilian bikini wax"

Psych. Nestor. replied: "yup, a wax.

Don’t try using Nair on that area."

Chaud B replied: "Save up for Laser surgery. If you want as bad as I think your doing. It should be worth it. And think about having somene bikini waxing your anus…….It would be uncomfortable for you and the bikini waxer."

Ray J replied: "Bic lighter. Burn it off."

Fluttering Leaves replied: "Waxing. Go to a pro."

John K replied: "basically u just put ur hand down there and just pull. and they will be gone. if ur lucky u wont bleed but u wont be lucky"

rocky blba replied: "yea just leave it. its normal"

JimR replied: "Have you tried trimming it? If you make it real short it’s almost the same as being bare, but you don’t have any uncomfortable side effects. Trimming in that area can be awkward, but if you were able to shave it, you can certainly trim it."

Kate M replied: "wax"

j-match replied: "Pluck or wax. The area is too sensitive for shaving or hair removal products for most people.

Be warned that any farts which previously were silent, will no longer be.

Your probably best off just trimming the hair in the immediate area of the anus, and shaving the rest."

Has anyone recently had surgery for hemorrhoids, the internal kind? I just had it done with laser, 3 large clusters I was told. It is now on day 5 after and I am counting the days. even the hours! until the time I have "heard" I will be back to normal.
If you rate giving birth on a "Pain-scale" of 1 to 10 and it comes in at a 5 then this is so far off the end, I would have to give it a new number of it’s own. Maybe 20?
If anyone has has this procedure recently and can give me a timeline, a REAL timeline, for recovery, just knowing when it will end would make me feel a lot better.
Also if you know of any support groups where people who are in recovery or familar with this situation can "chat", it would be nice to hear from other people.

angie replied: "I got rid of hemorrhoids with Rue Care Oil after suffering for years. A friend opted for surgery and had troubles for a few month, pain during the bowel movement etc. and hemorrhoids returned after 1.5 year.

The recovery depends from person to person. You can help with diet rich in vegetables and fruits and drink water, since fibers need water. And don’t forget some exercise as well. All the best."

anyone cured from Hemoroids (Piles)? which treament you took and which stage where you in? if you had piles which is stuck out and hurt when you move your bowels have got any treatment?
Have anyone tried anyone of this below:

1) Various creams – help reduce the pain, swelling and itching.

2) Injection of medicine that is irritating to the inside – cause hemorrhoid to shrink and is used for the smallest of hemorrhoid.

3) Super freezing – use of extreme cold – causes the hemorrhoid to shrivel and die.

4) Placing a tight rubber band around the base of each hemorrhoid causes the hemorrhoid to shrivel and die.

5) Surgery or laser treatment to remove the hemorrhoid.

6) Natural products for hemorrhoids treatment provide immediate relief and long lasting healing..

If you have taken of the above treatment how many days did it take you to get cured?

mlgable replied: "The only way to cure hemorrhoids is with surgery. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. You need to keep your stools soft by making sure you get enough fiber and fluids. Use a fiber supplement and a stool softener like colace aka docusate. The rubber band idea will not worka and there is nothing that will provide long lasting relief or heal them. You can help the pain with cool compresses and using a hemorroidal cream or suppository but the only way to permanently get rid of them is with surgery."

Tara662 replied: "Yes, I had a bad case two years ago.
Creams and heat (a method you left out) did not work. I’m allergic to steriods and could not handle the creams.

I had the following procedure done in 2004:
I had a bad hemorrhoid which was removed with method #5 (surgery).
I also had #4 (banding) done for the rest (three) of them.

It took about four weeks for me to recover and my system to adjust."

Hemorrhoid treatment? Does laser treatment work for external hemorrhoids? Is it very painful? How long does it take to heal? I’m very concerned about my hemorrhoid because I’ve had it for about a year now because I’m afraid of getting it surgically removed because I hear the regular hemorrhoid surgery is very very painful. If you have an idea, please do share…Thanks

meathorse replied: "My dad had MAJOR hemorroid surgery. He said the pain was tolerable. He is tough as nails, however. I would find out what needs to be done to correct it and just get it over with."

jinkymcnuts replied: "I’m in the same boat as you pardner! I have external hemmorhoids but haven’t gotten them removed because (a) I’m not sure how long it takes to recuperate; (b) I’m afraid the surgeons are going to sit around afterwards saying things like "Good Lord, did you see the size of those jokers!!", etc.

But a friend of mine had it done on a Friday and he was back at work on Monday and was happy he had it done.

Still haven’t worked up the nerve to have my grapes removed yet, though!"

drdisaia replied: "Try psyllium three times a day with tons of water for six weeks first. It tends to improve most patients and reduce the need for surgery.
If it gets worse over a short period of time, see your doctor. They can thrombose (form a blood clot within them) which can require surgery.

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids is another gimmick. It does not make the pain less. It does cost more."

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